Technology And Education

Nothing is constant except change! It is a concept that is preached and agreed upon by most individuals. However, one aspect of our existence that could be faster in adapting to change is the education policy in India. Even though technology has been a part of the typical school curriculum, it still needs to be utilised to the fullest. 

But all this is now changing at a very rapid speed. Ever since the 2020 pandemic, the world has turned upside down, and so has the scope of technology integration in India’s education industry. It has led to the culture of attending “Virtual Classrooms,” which has proven to be a giant leap forward in the otherwise redundant education system. 

It has brought on a more vibrant and happy classroom culture and many other things. There are several unique and innovative changes that one can now expect out of the teaching and learning field. And to highlight a few, here is a small list of reforms we feel might be worth knowing.

Multimedia Support

As the world is now pivoting towards virtual classrooms, there is a constant struggle to maintain the level of engagement for students. One of the factors that aid this particular drawback is incorporating multimedia in the curriculum and as viable teaching resources in India. Whether audio, video, or graphics, multimedia these days is proving to be a technology change necessary for the education industry.

Augmented Reality

Another technological change seen being incorporated is augmented reality and its various sub-categories. It is one of the most beneficial and convenient ways of making sessions interactive for students. Using this particular technology in the Indian classroom is effective for kids of all age groups. It even allows teachers to provide a high-quality education and learning experience.

E-study Material

Accessibility has always been a struggle in the traditional education system. But with the help of incorporating technology in teaching and learning, it has become easy for students to access information and course details online. The sending and receiving of educational information has also become convenient due to technology.

Efficient Assessment

Gone are the days when educators physically maintained progress reports and other benchmark indicators. With the advancement of technology, it has become easy for teachers and other mentors to assess a student’s progress and growth chart. It is also convenient for kids and their parents or guardians to get a real-time look into the growth trajectory.

Flexibility in Education

Following a strict region, like in the case of attending classes, has now become obsolete. Instead, flexibility in the education segment has become the new trending factor that is exciting parents. With the involvement of technology in this field, parents now have a more open hand when deciding when and how their kids will learn.

Artificial Intelligence Support

The shortage of teachers and educators is not an unknown factor to anyone all across the globe. The easiest way to deal with it is by using technology more persuasively. AI support features related to EdTech are one such component that makes it easy for both teachers and students. It can even aid in the professional development of teachers with specially designed material.

One can not say that these are the only technological changes that would affect the education system of our country. But many more practical and mind-blowing adaptations will be seen as time passes. Just like how India’s first ever value education-based EdTech platform MiVirtue, is doing by developing an ever-expanding virtual teachers community.

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