Sonalee Shyamsunder

Special education is a long process. Many times it takes years, but at the end when we see our student reach a milestone – that happiness has no match.

Sonalee became a teacher for children with disabilities after successful career as a print journalist. A trip to Sri Lanka, where children with special needs are treated as a unique opportunity to serve selflessly, sowed a seed in her mind. She came back and started Urmi Foundation to help disabled children also enrich their minds with education.

Through Urmi Foundation, Sonalee works with children with special needs in economically backward localities of Mumbai. Parents in these areas are not aware that their child’s life can be made better by teaching them life skills. Instead, they are often kept locked away for their own safety. 

Urmi Foundation works with these parents to educate the child by using ideas and concepts from their lives. Art is also an important tool in teaching motor skills.

Source Credits: Inspiring stories of 5 teachers who made a difference | Milaap

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