Robin Chaurasiya

Education should teach people how to be happy and make others happy. Finding things you enjoy, relationships, compassion and being good people. That is going to create happiness.

Robin Chaurasiya, a former lieutenant in the US Air Force, started Kranti in 2011. Kranti doubles up as a school and haven for children of sex-workers. The daughters of sex-workers were expected to end up like their mothers, many of the children in Kranti having gone through harassment and sexual abuse. 

At Kranti, the girls follow a curriculum enriched by singing, dancing, writing, meditation, travel, TED talks, theatre and pop-culture. Robin crowdfunds to make sure the girls have a home and so they can attend study programmes abroad where they can learn and study as equals. 

Early this year, Robin was nominated for the Varkey’s Global Teacher Prize. The idea, Robin says, is to teach the children to be loving, compassionate beings. When the children are happy and joyful, they will want to make the world around them a better place. 
Source Credits : Inspiring stories of 5 teachers who made a difference | Milaap

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