Growth Mindset

Staying stagnant, whether it is with your skills or personality is never a good idea. It is always said that learning is a constant journey, irrespective of your age and life choices. The same should even be implemented in different fields of work including teaching. It is so one can get a more effective outcome.

Learning to grow is one of the most crucial steps that a teacher or mentor needs to follow. Without a mindset of growth and constant learning, a teacher can become redundant in their thoughts and skill. Moreso, this factor can even affect the mindset of the kids that they are teaching.

What Is Growth For A Teacher?

The question in place is very subjective and everyone would have a different answer. One thing which is common among all the opinions is that a teacher is supposed to be able to tap into different aspects of the field and handle various day-to-day situations.

This level of ease can only be achieved when a pedagogue walks on a trajectory of growth and is always open to lifelong learning. Whether it is brushing up the skills or trying out the different technology integration in the Indian education system, it can all lead to systematic growth.

Ways A Teacher Can Embrace Growth!

1. Being Real

Facing reality, whether harsh or not, is the first important factor that can help you embrace growth. When you know the areas that you are lagging in, it helps you accept the ideology of growth and allows you to make efforts in the same direction.

2. Thinking Out Of The Box

A common thing that is seen amongst most teachers and mentors is that they do not wish to step outside their comfort zone. When you think outside the box, you can enhance your mental and physical capabilities leading to significant growth.

3. Being Creative

Whether it is being creative in your personal life or the teaching field, it all gives you a positive outcome. Creativity can not only improve your classroom engagement levels but can also help you come up with better ways to deal with different situations, resulting in overall growth.

4. Tech-Savviness 

Technology now plays a very important role in every aspect of life, so staying on top of it is always a good idea if you want to embrace growth. The Indian education policy guides the utilisation of technology more than ever before, so getting a stronghold on the subject is growth driven.

The process of exploring and learning never comes to an end, and several factors can aid a teacher with the same. One of them can even be joining a virtual teachers’ community like ours at MiVirtue. We allow you to grow alongside others from the same field.

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